What Does Cracking an Egg Have To Do With Hair Loss?

Being young and full of life, you had no care in the world. You probably swung your ponytail back and forth as you walked to school, feeling vibrant and happy, thinking it’s going to feel like this forever.

When you hit 50, you weren’t expecting so much hair loss to hit you like a truck suddenly.

But wait, your mom’s hair was lush when she was in her 50’s. So what’s the deal?

Are you cursed in the hair department?

If you’ve tried every shampoo that exists, and none of them seem to work, maybe it’s time to crack an egg.

You heard that right!

Eggs are packed with proteins and nutrients. And besides making you feel full as a Sunday morning breakfast, they also provide several benefits for your hair.

How to Use Egg for Extreme fast Hair Growth | Stop Hair Fall with Home Remedy By Sara Health Tips

Why Are Eggs Beneficial for Hair?

Hair loss isn’t only due to genetics but can also result from high levels of stress, poor dietary habits, excessive chemical treatments, and heat styling.

Here’s how eggs play their part in helping your hair:

They Fight off Hair Damage

Though egg whites provide fewer calories, the primary source of protein and fat is the egg yolk.

Egg yolks contain essential vitamins like Vitamin A and E and nutrients such as folate and biotin. This powerful pack of vitamins and nutrients is beneficial for hair growth and the maintenance of healthy hair.

According to a paper published in 2018*, researchers found that egg yolk proteins stimulate hair growth in females suffering from alopecia (female pattern baldness).

Moreover, egg yolks can help moisturize dry hair, especially during frigid winter months, where humidity dramatically decreases.

They Make Your Hair Fuller

As the myth goes, “cutting your hair will make it grow faster.” It indeed doesn’t. The main reason people think that way is because cutting seems to result in faster growth.

In reality, trimming split ends is what contributes to a thicker and healthier appearance.

Other than trimming, applying egg yolks into your scalp can improve nutrient absorption through your hair follicles (roots of your hair), thereby leading to minor hair fall.

Your hair will be less prone to breakage and shedding and give off a shinier and thicker look.

How to Use Eggs to Get Healthier Hair

By Making a Hair Mask

Alright, now you are curious how you’re going to apply an egg mask on your scalp. You’re not going to crack the whole egg on your head. That’s going to get messy.

As a first step, bring out a bowl, take out the yolk from the egg and mix it with around two drops of lemon juice. This will significantly reduce the smell of the egg mask.

Secondly, beat the mixture till it’s frothy. Then put the egg mixture on your hands and gently massage your scalp. Make sure you’re targeting the roots of your hair and not the strands.

Afterward, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for at least 15 – 20 minutes. The egg mixture will become stickier as time goes by.

When the clock alerts you that 20 minutes have passed, remove your cap and rinse your hair with cold or cool water.

Avoid rinsing your hair with hot or very warm water since this will clump the egg mixture, and you’d have to wash your hair several times.

Finally, shampoo your hair and enjoy the feeling of freshness.

You can apply this hair mask once or twice a month. Start with one egg as an experiment and see if it works out.

By Including Eggs in Your Diet 

If hair masks don’t seem like a good idea or don’t give you any results, try adding eggs to your diet.

A traditional egg salad sandwich contains a lot of mayonnaise. So why not swap mayonnaise with Greek yogurt? You’ll be getting fewer calories from fat and more from proteins.

Also, when making an egg salad sandwich, consider adding leafy greens such as celery and rocket leaves. These leafy greens will make the sandwich crunchier and more satisfying.

For a boost of flavor and Vitamin C, you can also grate a lemon peel. Moreover, choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread to prevent weight gain.

What Are the Risks and Side Effects of Using Eggs?

When you want to include eggs in your diet, do not go overboard because they are healthy. Generally, eating three egg yolks per week is considered safe and won’t increase your cholesterol.

Remember, your body already makes cholesterol naturally, so you don’t need to pack up on cholesterol from outside sources.

Moreover, people who have allergies to eggs and egg products should be extra careful with consuming them. Allergic reactions from eggs can be skin rashes, nasal congestion, and even vomiting.

Some OTC supplements are sold that contain a distilled version of egg yolk proteins. Distilled means that the water has been removed to produce a solid product.

Evidence surrounding the efficacy of such supplements is unreliable. Make sure to consult a doctor before purchasing such products.

Ultimately, natural remedies might work or not. If you happen to live in WA, it’s best to consult a professional hair loss specialist in Seattle to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.