Women’s Health: Top 3 Threats that Deserve Immediate Attention

The past few years have seen leading medical experts and professionals talk at length about women’s health issues.

There is no doubt that there can be health concerns and dangers that might be common to both men and women. However, studies have found that some health risks are more prominent as far as women are concerned.

Our societies have unfortunately been structured in such a way that the health concerns of women have been pushed or relegated aside.

There is an unwritten rule that women have to look after the family and carry on with their professional responsibilities as well. Given the kind of commitments or distractions women face, it is natural for them to ignore their health.

Health risks like heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, mental health, and gynecological concerns are rapidly rising as threats to women. In this resource article, we try to shed light on the top three health risks that affect women.

Prioritizing the knowledge, checking in with experts at regular intervals, and following up with treatments can help prevent life-threatening dangers.

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Why don’t women take care of their health?

Daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister, Homemaker, Professional…

The list of roles women assume in their life is countless. One of the first things that need to be understood is the fact that as compared to men, women are wired differently.

You will see women around you that are more responsible, committed, dedicated, and independent. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with the same gusto when men are concerned.

Women have added several new dimensions and responsibilities to their roles. With all of us having 24 hours in a day, this makes women left with little time to concentrate on their own selves.

At the end of the day, women tend to start ignoring their health.

Even when they are faced with signs that something is wrong, they brush it aside because of either monetary factors or they simply do not have the time to read up, book an appointment, get tests done and follow through with the treatment plans.

In simple words, women are more likely to drain and exhaust themselves in the pursuit of their personal and professional engagements.

This is why they need to be aware of all the health risks and threats that can affect their normal day-to-day life and functioning.

Top 3 Women Health Risks

Gynaecological Health, Issues and Risks

There are certain medical issues that exclusively affect women, including those related to pregnancy and gynecological health in general.

Additionally, some of the main threats to women’s health include conditions and issues which can also affect males.

Biologically, women have a different reproductive mechanism as compared to men. The dangers and risks emanating from the same are only specific to women. Proper gynecological health as defined in medical books is on the decline.

Stresses, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and lack of exercise mean that several women are suffering from issues like PCOD, bloated uterus, and ovaries. This possesses a significant risk when it comes to conceiving.

Mental Health, Issues and Risks

There have been several research studies that have focussed on how women are more likely to suffer from mental health issues as compared to men. Anxiety, depression, bipolarity are some critical concerns that need to be addressed in women.

In most situations, these issues are not talked about and professional help is not sought. Over a period, mental health concerns start affecting the normal day-to-day work of women including both personal and professional engagements.

Constant pressure, lack of appreciation, and the demands of executing everything perfectly become a bit too much to handle. This can lead to mental fatigue and breakdowns.

Specific Forms of Cancer like Breast and Ovarian

Like gynecological issues that are only to be found in women, breast and ovarian cancers affect women as well. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in women the world over.

There have been many international organizations that have come up which are aggressively promoting issues like regular self-examinations at home and helplines that can help women get priority appointments.

Women need to be watchful of breast cancers, especially in developed countries where life expectancy is on the higher side.

Finding any abnormality should be immediately reported to medical experts who can then start with a treatment plan right away.

This needs to be addressed as soon as possible to guarantee complete recovery.

The Bottom Line

Even if women are hesitant to look after their health, it is the duty and responsibility of male members in the family to look after them.

Women need to be encouraged and not looked down upon if they share some medical or health issues. The key is to catch any illness in its infancy stage to stand a fighting chance of making a complete recovery.

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