How Long To Leave Toner On Brassy Hairs?

Brassy hairs mean a darker color in your hair, which shows up after hair dyeing. Brassiness mostly happens on bleached or blonde hair which is quite prominent to see.

When you are giving your hair some highlights, brassiness can occur. To remove brassy hair, a hair toner can be used.

But it is best if you know what you are getting yourself into because leaving toner in your hair for a long time leads to other problems too.

So, when you are using a toner to decrease the brassiness in your hair, there should be a fixed time to leave the toner on the hair. 

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How Long to Leave Toner In Brassy Hair?

How Long to Leave Toner In Brassy Hair?

Experts say that toner can even work in a minute, but if you are too keen on keeping it in your hair, do not do it for more than 45 minutes. Other factors that determine how long a toner should be left in your brassy hair are:

  • Length and Density of your hair
  • Hair Color
  • Level of Brassiness

Long and dense hair needs about 30 minutes for a toner to completely set in. But short hair can take no more than 15 minutes.

Hair color is also an important factor for the timing of toner in brassy hair. If you have blonde or bleached hair, toning is going to take less time as compared to black or brunette hair.

If you have very brassy hair, you should leave the toner for about 30-45 minutes in your hour. If your hair isn’t very brassy and there are only lighter tones in your hair, stick to applying the toner for 15 minutes or less.

Things to Remember While Applying a Toner in Your Hair:

Things to Remember While Applying a Toner in Your Hair:

You should consider the following things before you prepare to apply toner to your hair:

  1. You should consider the condition of your hair and then choose a toner accordingly. If you have healthy hair, any toner will work but you have to be cautious with weak hair.
  2. Only use the amount of toner which seems suitable for your hair color. Darker shades of hair need more hair toner while light shades of hair do not need too much toner for it to work.
  3. Always do a hair strand test before applying the toner to a large portion of your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to leave Wella Toner on Brassy Hair?

Wella Toner is a really good choice to get rid of brassy hair. You should leave the toner on your hair for 20-30 minutes. Leaving the toner on your hair for more than 45 minutes can cause significant damage. You should read all the instructions before using a hair toner.

How long to leave the T14 Toner on Brassy Hair?

T14 toner by Wella is used for dark hair, so using this toner on your brassy hair, will turn the hair ashy blonde. You can leave T14 toner on your hair for 30-40 minutes, depending on the brassiness.

Final Words:

Now that you know the proper timing to leave the toner in your hair, start working, and soon enough you will get rid of brassy hair. Just keep in mind that using less toner and then working towards more is better than ruining your hair.