What Kind Of CPAP Mask Is Most Comfortable

A CPAP mask that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable when wearing it can make a difference in your sleep apnea treatment efforts. 

Even though you choose a CPAP mask based on the price, be sure that the price is worth the quality and comfort it offers. 

Today a top-selling Nasal CPAP mask must have standout features that make it different from other brands. 

These features may include an open line of sight, easy-to-remove functionalities, soft frames, and interchangeable cushions. An Airfit N20, a type of nasal CPAP mask, has all these features.

The CPAP mask is fitted with various features that comply with sleep therapy and boast your comfort. 

It is also designed to fit all types of facial sizes and structures. There are also smaller versions with adjustable straps to fit more individualized needs.

This article looks at the features of the Airfit N20 CPAP mask and what makes it one of the most comfortable CPAP masks.

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The Horse Connection Offers More Freedom

The HorseĀ Connection Offers More Freedom

The Airfit N20 CPAP maskā€™s horse connection was upgraded to make it easier to change the sleeping position and quickly move when asleep.

The CPAP mask limits the potential of getting tangled up in the tubing by having a short flexible hose connection. 

The horse then connects the elbow of the mask to a tube coming from a CPAP machine. Such a connection makes the mask best for restless slippers while making it super comfortable to sleep.

The new horse connection is also very helpful to new patients undertaking CPAP treatment and not used to CPAP masks.

The Infinity Seal Cushion

The Infinity Seal Cushion

The infinity cushion is yet another feature that makes Airfit N20 CPAP masks very comfortable. It is an adaptive dual-wall silicone cushion that is adjustable to fit almost every facial contour.

The cushion is available in large, small, and medium sizes to fit nearly everyone and offer the best treatment efficacy.

The cushion design is intended to minimize all the possibilities of leaks and ensure that the design is not sacrificing functionality for comfort.

The Headgear Features and Ultra-Soft Frame Enhance Comfort

The Headgear Features and Ultra-Soft Frame Enhance Comfort

Airfit N20 CPAP mask is designed to provide a strong seal and headgear features that make it simple to put on and take off.

In addition, it is made of soft fabric material with an elastic rear panel, giving you a sturdy foundation and exceptional softness.

The Modular Design Makes It Easy to Adjust and Fit

The Airfit N20 is made of the quick-release elbow and self-guided magnetic clips.

These features make removing and putting on the CPAP mask easier without compromising the seal or affecting the headgear adjustments.

In embracing the modular design, the headgear has four straps at the frame connection point, two at your jawline and the other two at your brow, making it fit firmly and comfortably.


Among the CPAP masks, Airfit N20 appears to be the most comfortable because of the horse connection that offers more freedom and the infinity seal cushion that makes it fit almost any facial profile.

The headgear features and the ultra-soft frame further enhance comfort, and the modular design makes it easy to fit and adjust.