6 Things Every Beauty Industry Newbie Has To Know

Joining the beauty industry as a newbie is exciting, particularly if you have passion for such a job and believe in yourself. 

Having said that, the road to success might not be that simple, particularly if you plan to open your own salon in the future.

Due to all the competition and constant changes in trends and customer expectations, the work itself is quite challenging.

To increase your odds of success, you need a strong foundation. This article should give you some ideas on how to build yourself up and become a recognizable beautician that can make a living off of what they love.

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Give Priority to Clients

Clients should come first. It might sound like a cliche, but you are unlikely to succeed as a newcomer if you neglect to take proper care of your customers.

As already mentioned, people have high expectations these days, and if they do not like what they see, they will look for alternatives, which, in this case, is a different beautician or salon.

Take the extra mile and accommodate customers, so they are happy. For instance, you could offer flexible working hours and let them book an appointment earlier or later than usual, or even on the weekend.

Using a client management app that benefits both beauty professionals and their customers is another good example. Customers who do not wish to visit the salon in person or make a phone call would appreciate the option to book an appointment by visiting a beautician’s page and checking their schedule.

Work on Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are sometimes underestimated when it comes to inexperienced beauticians.

It is true that you gain valuable lessons by working with different clients, but there are a few rules of thumb that you need to address right off the bat:

  • Distinguish between extroverts and introverts so you do not force people to talk if they don’t want to and can recognize whether someone is chatty
  • Greet and say goodbye to customers with a smile
  • Find an agreement if there is a conflict
  • Listen to clients and communicate with them to find out exactly what they need

Exceed Expectations

Exceeding expectations should also be part of your strategy if you want to succeed in the beauty industry.

One of the examples we mentioned is working later to accommodate clients who have a tricky schedule, but that should not be the end of it.

If a customer asks you to purchase a product for their hair or nails that you have in your salon, and the product is out of stock in a local store or every online shop, you could call your supplier or give contacts to the customer.

Beauticians who do everything they can to make customers happy are more likely to succeed. It might be difficult to find the will sometimes, but it is often necessary.

Not following the latest beauty trends means losing to those who do. Right now, there is an ongoing pandemic, and if you fail to adhere to the regulations in a timely fashion, you stand to face problems bigger than just losing customers.

Of course, safety regulations are just one of the trends. In the beauty industry, new styles, products, or techniques change regularly, so it is important to identify what is likely to stick and what is just a temporary fad.

Again, as a newcomer, you might lack the necessary experience to make the right call, but the fact that you are up to date with the industry and its trends is a sign of going in the right direction.

Market Yourself on Social Media

New and young beauticians should make the most out of social media marketing to advertise themselves. Right now, it is popular to post various make-up or other tutorials on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

Going viral with such content is bound to expose your brand and attract plenty of new customers.

Seek Feedback

Feedback is one of the best ways to learn. You are likely to notice some mistakes of your own and do not repeat them, but it is also recommended to talk to your seniors and seek advice directly from them.

If a customer has a suggestion or wants to help you in another way, you should encourage them as well.

The important thing is to move forward and learn constantly so that you can improve as a beautician and fulfill your dream in the future.

Learn to Manage Your Time

Often overlooked, time management is one of those skills that more beauticians should improve, particularly early on.

The work life in a beauty salon is busy, and it is possible to miss an appointment or another event if you do not pay attention to the clock.

Due to multitasking, distractions, and other factors, you are more prone to errors. However, if you can become better at managing time, you are less likely to make mistakes on the job.